Brief Company Overview

Rental Plaza supplies very sophisticated and reliable IT equipment like desktop computers, laptops, servers, I Mac, Mac book high end printers and scanners and UPS etc, purely for rent

In addition we are one of the few privileged companies having a decade over experience in IT Rentals..

Rental Plaza started as a supplier and integrator of all type of IT products, and then changed strategy and started renting these empowering smaller companies to become independent commercially viable enterprises by saving huge amounts in Capital goods to mutually benefit from projects.

Our pricing policy with respect to the Rentals that we contract / partner with is to minimize our mark-up on their pricing allowing them to make a respectable gain and at the same time reducing their capital costs to offset the cost of our higher end systems.

Our approach when supplying to the end user is quite straightforward, we deal directly with the end user who can then make use of their own / preferred installers and integrator or alternatively we provide a Turnkey Solution to the end user.