About Us

Brief Company Overview

Rental Plaza supplies very sophisticated and reliable IT equipment on rental bases, like desktop computers, laptops, servers, I Mac, Mac book high-end printers and scanners and UPS etc….

We are currently into only Rentals

 In addition we are one of the few privileged companies having over a decade over experience of Laptop and computer Rentals.

Rental Plaza started as a supplier and integrator of of all type of IT products as Computer Plaza, and then changed strategy and started renting these, empowering smaller companies to become independent commercially viable enterprises by saving huge amounts in Capital goods to mutually benefit from projects.

Server, Laser printers, ink talk printer, offline/online UPS, LED TFT monitors, Graphic cards, GPU, Projectors and lots of more items to startups, M.S.M.E., factories, web designing companies, software development companies, call centers, universities, banks, BPO, leading companies also as big Corporate throughout India.

During the past over a decade, we earned a reputation in Computer Rental industry, and made an honest reputation and an area thanks to our timely deliveries and prompt services by our service staff.

The concept of Computer Renting business is fast growing in India and strategically we entered this business well in time of conception of this fastest-growing concept of that tenure.