Laptops on rent in Delhi NCR

Yes……. we are into Laptop rentals for over decade

Looking for laptop rentals? – just contact RENTAL PLAZA-Only Rentals, and get the fastest ever response and feel that you’ve called upon the right Laptop rental company of Delhi NCR for your BULK Laptop rental requirements. We pride ourselves on being responsible as well as responsive. Give us a try, you’ll never regret it, as you will be dealing with a time-trusted company for your laptop rental needs.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are very competitive for bulk corporate users. After 15 years in the business of Laptops rentals, we think on long term relations with the companies

Delivery and pick-up facility

Our Logistics personals are well experienced for ON TIME deliveries and pick-ups and our experienced engineers manage the on-site maintenance and replacements.

  • Flexible laptop rentals
  • We are one of the most flexible PAN  laptop rental service providers, one can give you. We are just one phone call away to resolve your issue, in case you face any kind of issue.
  • Updated technology
  • Technology is something that is not permanent and will be upgraded every single year or many after every few months. It is very hard to stay updated with the technology nowadays but this is our work and we always manage to stay updated which is going to help you a lot in your work. The updated technology will be provided to you are pocket-friendly prices and that will enhance your work and help you grow better and faster.
  • Speedy deliveries
  • Our equipment and you technicians are always ready to deliver you the product as well as the service. It just takes up to 48 hours to deliver the product and up to 24 hours to deliver you the services which will not make your work suffer at all. Our service will defiantly make you feel wonderful and you will recommend to everyone about laptop rental in Delhi NCR.
  • Fastest support 
  • Laptop on rent in Delhi NCR service has the fastest support and you can have our support by calling us at our helpline number and have the work done at your doorstep within 24 hours.
All specification Laptop available for rent:
  • Bulk quantity of laptops are kept Ex-Stock for immediate supplies to corporate, govt office, Pvt company, call center, manufacturing factories, event management companies, stock-taking process, online exams, political as well as market survey, etc
  • Laptop brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus are being carried by us to be provided in quantity for the rental purpose for the Long term as well as short term bases.