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Laptops are the necessity of the hour for each home or an office, and the laptop technology is extremely fast-changing, updating the laptops for the office may be a costly affair for all the businesses and companies, it involves an enormous capital amount. And therefore, the need for laptops on rent is at the peek when a corporation needs hundred of laptops for rent within a really short period, May it’s a corporate training, a conference, an event, a roadshow, a market survey, a political survey, and so on.

We expertise the prompt delivery of numerous high-configuration laptops of rental bases in India, with a very short notice with full logistics also as after the delivery support at different locations everywhere India.

We carry a really wide selection of Laptop configurations available Ex-Stock for Immediate PAN India Laptop rental services needs, may it’s the future laptop rental (months to years) or a really short term (hours to days)

Low-end laptop rentals                                                                                                                     

Intel Core2Duo
1 GB to 2 GB RAM
80GB to 160 GB disk drive
DVD to Multi-Drive (optional)
1-hour battery life

Middle-level laptop rental

Intel Core i3 to Core i5, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation
2 GB to 4 GB RAM
250 GB to 500 GB disk drive
DVD to Multi-Drive
1-2 hour battery life

upper-middle level laptop on rent

Intel Core i5, and Core i7 6th generation onward
8 GB to 16 GB RAM (optional)
500 to 1TB disk drive
DVD to Multi-Drive (optional)
Long battery life

High-end laptop for rent

Intel Core i5, and Core i7 and core i9, 8th generation onward
8 GB to 16 GB RAM (optional)
1TB disk drive (optional)
1GB to 4GB Video RAM (optional)
DVD to Multi-Drive (optional)
Long battery life

Windows 10 PRO (optional, with additional payments)
Anti-Virus Software Installed (optional, with additional payments)
Additional Rental Options Available
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